My name, well you know me, Nayan Kumar (Shaurya) First of all I want to say thanks to all of you for visiting my website.

What you are reading is a story, my story to be specific and I really appreciate that you people are giving you precious time on this. Now the question is how I became a photographer rather than something else.

During my childhood, when owning a camera was such a big deal. I used to get excited when I had to attend any function or events. But the thing that used to get me very excited was when someone (who had a camera) was taking a picture of their family in the event. I would eventually reach out to that person with the camera and bother them by request to take a picture of mine. At that time we were very poor so we didn’t had any respect that we deserved in our family and my cousin brothers used to make fun of me, but even after my continuous effort to convince them and all the request all they would do is to pretend to take my picture by just flashing the light and lying to me that my photograph has been taken, I used to get very happy with this gesture little did i know that the camera didn’t had any camera roll in it. After that I went to my mother and told her with great happiness that Mamma you know they have taken one of my pictures. She make a happy face in front of me, But she knew the entire story.
When the negatives came out as photographs. I kept looking for myself, but I was not there.

My financial conditions were too bad and parents were uneducated so we could not afford a camera. After those kind of events when we returned to home I just wished and asked God that Why can’t you give us a Camera even a cheaper one?

At the age of 14 I was forced to join a job, under one of my uncle’s supervision as our financial condition was not so good. After working for 2 years I bought a Kodak Kb10 Camera by myself and I was extremely happy. I used to click whatever I wanted, and when we had to go to any function, I would try to capture Natural photographs, not just a stand up or scripted photographs. But the family members would think this guy is crazy, he is wasting the rolls. He is getting over excited cause he never handled a camera before. But When the Digital age came where cellphones had cameras, I was very excited to buy a cell phone like that. Finally I bought one, I was free to capture anything that I felt deserves to be photographed. That was 1.3 megapixel camera. Later I jumped to 2 Mp, then 3.2, finally 5 MP. But never left shooting. It took me 3 months to convince my mother to buy a Digital Camera. I got that, but I was not satisfied. When I went outside with friends and saw the Press Photographers, with Black Camera and heavy Flash Lights, I would Just remain silent and do nothing but notice the camera and the photographer, and thought that he is too lucky to have a camera like that one. Wish I can have one of my own.

Finally at 28th March 2011 I bought my first DSLR, That is Nikon D5000, but I didn’t even know how to handle it. The shopkeeper just told me how to turn it on and off and how to take picture. It was an Auto Mode. About rest of the buttons I completely had no idea. Sometimes I wondered that when I click some pictures the flash turned on. I wondered for six months that what to do it for this. I don’t want to use flash lights. Later I experimented by myself and got familiar with camera.

At that time I was also doing my Bachelor degree in Animation. So I was focusing on my carrier in that but whenever I went outside day or night night, whether it was with friends or family, I tried to shoot as many photographs as I can and post it on facebook.

As Astronomy is also my main interest and I already had done some research work about every single thing that how and why this universe came into existence and for that I joined a facebook group. And they put me in and it kept me updated and learn more about Universe and its stuff and continuously developing my theory about how I see the universe. I had my own questions. I wanted to know the nature of Atom and about the energy. I made some friends as they liked my way of explaining the subject of stuffs related to universe.

On the other side I was continuously uploading my pictures on facebook. They all get very impressed with my work and said that you have a third eye (which I don’t know). And you are a very different person with very different thinking. You are representing the life itself. And there are some more people who appreciate my work and took interest to see my work. It gave me energy that I was doing well and I should do it more with the process of learning.

Suddenly one day I received a message, that “Who are you”? Why do you take these kind of pictures? I want to know about you. Later she taught me some basics and got very impressed with my work. Finally she decided to come to India and meet me. In the end of December 2011, she landed in New Delhi. She wanted to know how I work, and How I capture these images and she wanted to listen to my theories about the Universe. She, herself being a Graphic Designer in Poland and worked as Graphic Designer in Playboy Magazine. She came to my place in Ranchi, saw all my photographs, and listened my theories about the Nature of Atoms and Energy and how this Universe works for me, means how I see it. She was shocked. Anyways, she went back and then I got busy with my studies and then I decided to choose Photography as my profession. Suddenly in a College Event a professor of Mass.Com saw my work, which I had displayed. He called me and said that are you interested to do job in Print Media. Your photography is good. I was very happy. I agreed and accepted the offer. Then without any interview I got selected for a company, which was about to be launched at that time. I had to go the field with several reporters. I had covered many events, When Baba Ramdev arrived, Hon’ble President of India arrived and much more, But after doing it for few months, I felt that there is nothing that I can learn and improve my skills. So I decided to leave the job. Then I went on to work for a national magazine that published with few of my photographs, in the end of December 2012. This was predicted by one of my fb friend in 2009 when I was shooting with Digital Camera, that someday your photograph will published in Magazine, at that time I thought she is saying just because to make me happy, but that day, when its published after 3 years I remembered those words, she said 3 years ago. It makes me emotional and was wondering that what she have saw in my photographs and what special I have captured. But that happens. After 18 months of using that Camera I switched to Nikon D7000 with Tamron Lenses 18-270mm. That is a Semi Professional Camera. I was quite happy with that amount of knowledge I’d at that time about the camera and I was quite satisfied.

After 1 year I got married, and My Wife gave me a big shock, when She gifted me Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 2.8L USM 70-200mm and that Nikon D7000 I have replaced with Canon 70D with 24-105 F4 USM. That was a biggest gift of my life. I didn’t even imagine it in my dreams. In just 2 year I’ll have Canon 5D Mark III. But she made it happen.

Travelling places – I love to travel, it’s a kind of addiction for me. I like to see the variety of life, place and people. But I never went alone by myself. I’ve travelled mostly with my family. And it is very difficult to shoot while you are travelling with your parents. But as they are uneducated and don’t know about new places so they take me with them. And as much as possible for me I liked to click everything which my heart sees.

The places I travelled is as mentioned:-

• Haridwar
• Rishikesh
• Masoori
• New Delhi
• Varansi
• Allahabad
• Patna
• Gaya
• Puri
• Bhubneshwar
• Ujjain
• Vrindavan
• Mathura
• Agra
• Jaipur
• Vellore
• Dhanbad
• Kolkata

For me, what attracts me to capture as a photographer, is not what is already beautiful, like flowers, sunset, landscapes, drizzling drops, leafs, etc, as they are already beautiful. I know taking a picture with good equipment it will eventually end up looking very beautiful. But I am not interested to take credits to do such things. So I don’t pay much attention in that. Yes, Sometime I captured them when I feel from the heart that I should capture it, but not much. I am always interested to capture the reality. I want to represent this world in front of this world in all manner, people, place, their life style, and culture, emotions, which never gets out, sometime lack of words, sometime nobody is there to listen to those words.
In this beautiful world No one comes with anything and no one take anything with him before leave this planet or Universe. So I make my plan that I don’t want sit in a room and spend my whole life. I want to see, see more and more and learn about the kingdom of the Master of the Heaven. I want to tell him what I have saw in his world. Cause the rest thing about this planet are always changing and meaning less for me.

And there is one more advantage by taking pictures is that you are collecting and capture of tiny seconds of those moments. When you saw that picture in future you can remind your past. It takes you there and refreshes the moments and stories about that time.

Sometimes I don’t understand we all are humans, we share same biology, happiness and sadness are feeling in the same manner from brain and our body, and we know about this pretty well. But why we always think just about ourselves? That is why I mainly take interest to shoot people, portraits, emotions, Street Life. I am always trying to represent them in such manner that one can think or see with the understanding that how amazing our life and surrounding is. I don’t want to capture any special things, I am trying to capture simple things and representing them in special way, as much talent I have and as I see them.

Thanks for giving your precious time to take your interest and spending your precious time on my photos.