A Few Words About Us

Nayan Shaurya, Photographer, Philosopher and Humanitarian, captures the essence and the spiritual connection of the people and places of his homeland, India. To him, it is the simple random photograph that is the most beautiful for it possesses the rawness of spontaneity; rather than merely relying on static imaging that lacks soul.

The mood, according to him, is the most important element that is lovingly supported by the composition of the content. Conventional eyes detect and see the perspective shown by the environment and surroundings, but A Fine Art Photographer lovingly brings out unconventional expressions beneath the commonality through his keen eye and unique perspective. Being a Photographer isn’t a tough task but seeing through a Photographer’s individual and rare vision brings out the real essence of Photography. The Basic idea is to ignite the soul in everyone’s eyes which will expressly convey the whole idea of what and why the picture was captured.

Life, Emotions, Saturation, Celebratory Events, a Moment in Time - all being alternately negative and positive together brings out a magnificent photograph. THE PICTOGRAM - the essence of his inspiration–unveils the trait of Nayan’s wide-eyed and panoptic values of photography, his views about the world being mystic and Brobdingnagian. Through the magazine he wants humanity to connect and indulge in the unseen treasures which will give them a welcomed, comprehensible peace! "Feel the Unfelt" is the profound symbolic declaration of the magazine. The magazine contains virtually all sorts of photography - from the architecture of the street; the colorful to the monochrome; the raw to the edited; the trials, the heartache, the suffering, and so on. It will provide a glimpse into the many facets of India: the colorful culture; the serene villages; the lesser known religious places; and so much more. Nayan has thus captured the soul of India–reflecting it in this magazine for the enjoyment and enlightenment of the viewer.

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